Flood light camera mounting below a light that is permanently on?

How will it effect the floodlight camera if I have a small incandescent bulb mounted a couple feet above the floodlight camera? I plan on mounting the floodlight at 9’ on a metal 2 car garage but it already has a small lamp mounted at about 2.5 feet directly above my proposed location.


Good question, @planenut! This would depend on how direct the lightbulb would be in the view of the Floodlight Camera’s lens. The Floodlight Camera lights are intended to automatically illuminate most when it is dark, as is night vision. While the light bulb will not impact motion detection or camera functionality, it can interfere with image and lighting if shining directly on the Camera lens.

As you stated the bulb is a couple feet above where the Floodlight Camera will be mounted, and you are planning on angling the Camera downwards, this should be fine. Ambient lighting, or even brightening the surrounding area is a great way to improve view at night. As long as the bulb will not be directly facing or in view of the Camera lens field of view, this setup will work as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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