Flood light camera installation issues

Hi there. Trying to get my Ring floodlight cam wired plus to install.
First off, neither of the three bar codes will scan (the box, the instructions or the one on the back of the camera itself).
So, moving on i get the camera to respond and go into setup mode. In the app, it says is it flashing. Yes, then it asks to connect in the next screen, a network shows up with “ring setup”. Instructions setup say to connect. It goes to the next screen and appears to be trying to connect with the little swirling thing like its trying to connect. Then it pops up a screen that says “oops something went wrong”.
It says to reset router. I did, same story. It then says change router settings. I wouldn’t think i would need to. I already have two doorbells that are connected and work great. Wtf is wrong?
I tried the smart network switch thing i searched on here. It was already off. So, id like some help please.