Flood Light Cam Pro no HDR toggle


I just bought Flood Light Cam PRO there is no HDR toggle setting under Device Setting- Video Setting.

I watch so many reviews on Flood Light Cam PRO they all show the HDR toggle on the ring App but I don’t have any HDR toggle for the Flood Light Cam PRO.

I do have an HDR option for Doorbell Pro 2 but not for Flood Light Cam PRO

Is my Flood Light Cam PRO has something wrong that there is no HDR toggle

Let me know what you guys think


Hi @sam847. HDR is only available for our battery operated devices. For the Floodlight Cam Pro, HDR is already built into the camera to give you the best quality available. You can see this on the product page under the Tech Specs. Make sure that your Ring app is up to date to make sure all of your devices have the latest features.