Flood light cam motion sensitivity

It seems a short while ago my cameras motion sensitivity changed.
My motion zone is set the same, I even adjusted it back, the sensitivity slider is slid full left to be least sensitive. Yet my camera goes off when lights move outside the motion zone. Example a car driving up the road or across the street. Both well out of the motion zone but when the headlights shine in my driveway it sets off an alert.
I have reset my camera. Deleted and redrawn my motion zone and it still does it.
It did not do this when first installed just over a year ago.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m about to scrap the thing otherwise since the only other option is having notification turned off and what good is that?

This is a flaw in the floodlight Cam. Reflections and probably headlights set it off.

I have mine set to people only and that works fairly well, but it always triggers on my wife’s van pulling in and out of the garage. I don’t think it’s seeing a people shape through the windshield, I think its the reflection of light off the van because it triggers before she has even pulled all the way out and triggers when the van is a good distance away when coming down the driveway.

The people only view in the info on the website says it can be triggered by reflections such as windows nearby. I have a stainless steel table in the camera view. When I set motion zones to exclude that table, it stopped setting off the video every time the lights were triggered at night by random stuff.

Cant explain why yours is now suddenly doing this though. Except maybe some sort of software or firmware update that has changed its behaviour.

It’s worse yet again now. It’s going off as cars drive on the street in the daylight.
Deleted the motion area again and redrew. Still does it. The motion zone is about 1ft inside my driveway. Sensitivity bar is all the way to the left (least sensitive).
Attached vid from today. It happened several times.
Disappointing if these barely last outside their warranty period. As it’s only about a year and a half old.

I have 4 flood light cameras I depend upon for security. I have all the sensitivity settings minimized. But the little animals- cat, raccoon, iquana, all set off the camera and lights at night when I need them the most for security.
Called Ring help… and they were helpless … " that is the way it’s designed to pick up heat… ".
then why have a "people only " setting if it does not work?
The people only picks small cats and even an iquana!

Ring.com you have some work to do.