Flood light cam live view is super choppy and times out early using computer

Hello guys, I just wanted to ask a few questions about one of my floodlightst that I’ve had for about a year. Recently, whenever I try to use the live view of my driveway floodlight camera on my PC (that also happens to be hardwired into the internet), it gets VERY choppy, almost like I am watching a slideshow. On top of that, it also times out after about 45 seconds, but I know that it still records because when I go back to look at my recordings, it plays me a 10 minute long video with the first minute or so being the live view that I had watched. What’s weird too is that the recording isn’t choppy either.

Whenever I view the live view on my phone (using my wi-fi network that my PC is hardwired into and in the same room as my PC) however, I don’t have this issue. I even uninstalled the ring program from my PC, started up the live view on my phone, and then re-installed it. Same issue, I turn off the live view from my phone and have my PC go into live view with it being the only thing using the internet, and it maintain the same issues . It starts, it’s pretty choppy, and then times out after about 45 seconds.

I also have another family member who lives in the same household and uses a PC that’s connected to the internet via wi-fi and she can barely get the live view to even start on ANY device, again this issue arises when she doesn’t even have the internet being used on other things.

All of this leads me to believe it’s a Ring PC App issue. My PC is in pretty good health, considering that a lot of my hardware is new-ish (all bought withing the last three years) and healthy. I also did a fresh install of windows lately and it was working fine up until a week and a half later and I started having these issues I’m also able to stream things like Netflix/youtube and I can download games off of Steam, all of which stream or download & install just fine.

I’m still able to view all my recordings, hell, I even can still use live view, but I would think that the PC app that’s hardwired in would be the superior version over the mobile version.

Anyone know how to fix this at all? It’s a bit of hassle to not be able to use the live view of a camera that should be fully capable of live view.

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Same problem on my desktop and laptop.