Flood Light Cam Lights Blinking

I am having trouble with the lights on my flood lights, when it detects motion it starts blinking 5 times before it turns on. Has anyone else had this problem.

I’m have had the exact same problem tonight so sounds like a network problem I have tried to phone customer support but getting a message saying they are closed (opening hours supposed to be 8am to 8pm I rang at 7.15pm) so will try again in the morning

I have 2 Ring Floodlights.
Iv had them for 2 years before I moved to a new house. I reset the units and they worked fine at first.
Then one of the lights started to blink. I could also see there was 2-3 led (diodes?) points that didn’t work.
So I had to disconnect the lights from the unit.
Now a month after, floodlight number two started too blink… Why?

I had the exact same problem with my floodlight cam. It is faulty hardware. You will have to call “support” and wait/work with them for 2-3 hours so they can walk you through all the steps already performed through their tips on the website. Once that’s through they will send you a new one.