Flood light button

Since the last update, my little lightbulb that used to control my floodlight light, has been removed. I set the ring up on my phone. My partner can still access the light.

Anyone have any ideas? When my partner isn’t home, I can access the light.

Hi there, @Charlie12! When logged in on your Ring app and viewing the Ring app dashboard, please double check the location at the top to ensure the desired address is selected for viewing. The light bulb icon is a tile found on your dashboard shortcuts, which should remain as you’ve set them.

This area will load when you initially open the Ring app so make sure the connection of the mobile device is optimal for this to appear quickest. The Ring app dashboard Shortcuts can also be customized by swiping left to get to the end of the list, and tapping “Edit”.

Another great step will be to open the Ring app menu> select Devices > and confirm that you see the Floodlight Cam in question in your device list there.

It is also possible, if someone else is able to access this but not you, that the Floodlight Camera was added to a light group in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: