Flood light adaptability to vinyl siding

Can someone speak to how the Ring Floodlight camera mounts to vinyl siding. Is there a plate that conforms to the shape and configuration of the siding. Or do you have to cut the vinyl siding?

I’m wondering how you ended up installing your camera. I just got the spotlight cam, but have alumimun siding over brick. I drilled one hole, and there is a very large gap between siding and brick that is going to make lining up four different holes a challenge.

I’m guessing you figured this out by now (or gave up) but I’m up against the same issue - vinyl siding. I haven’t ordered it yet, but this looks promising: 4 Square to Round Universal Fixture Ring, 5/8 in. Raised . I’ll report back on my success or failure (hopefully the former). Or, if you found a solution that worked for you, let me know. Thanks! --Tony