Flood light activates all the time!

My flood cam has recently started to turn on randomly at night for no reason. It also is turning on during daylight hours. Any suggestions on how to fix?

Hi @Pdrangula! If there is no motion event recording when your Floodlights are triggering, this may be best resolved through light settings. Here is ahelp center article for more tips on controlling the lights! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, the field of view for light detection is greater than the Camera’s field of view for standard motion. Please ensure there are no heat sources nearby such as HVAC unit or running vehicles, that might trigger these lights.

There is no heat sources. But I’m not sure why all of a sudden why the light is activating during the daytime daylight hours.

How do you have your light settings @Pdrangula ?

I have it set for motion. I’m okay with the lights going off at night. I have a problem with they going on during the day time in sunny bright conditions.