Flood Freeze Sensor Alerts via KeyPad and Phone on Do Not Disturb

I just added a flood freeze sensor and was testing it out. According to the app, it’s suppose to give a spoken alert through the base station AND the keypads. The base station alerts “Water Detected” but the keypads (two of them) make no sound at all. If I switch the type of alert to a sound like “Harp” then it will play on the keypads. Why doesn’t that work for the spoken alarm?

Also a push notification is sent to my phone when I’m on “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode but it still makes no sound on my phone. Critical alerts are turned on in both the Ring App and my iPhone’s Notifications settings (see photos). Are water alerts not considered critical?!

I don’t have professional monitoring so a phone call is not an option at the moment. So far, I’m not impressed with this sensor. It’s quite pricey and is lackluster in terms of alerting you to a potential emergency.

Hey @CherryB. The water detected verbal alert is only able to play through the Base Station at this time. For our recent release of this alert feature, critical alerts and Do Not Disturb settings will only apply to alarming events. I have made sure to pass on your feedback and desire for needing that spoken alert to play through the Keypad, as well as be one of the types of critical alerts that can bypass the Do Not Disturb. Thank you, neighbor! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for clarifying. I thought I was missing something in the setup. I appreciate you forwarding my feedback. I guess at this time since there are no options for these features, I will accept your solution. But I am really hoping these can be added in the next updates, especially adding water detected as a critical alert since there’s been a rise in flooding incidents lately with the increased rainfall every year.

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@CherryB Definitely agreed on that, and appreciate you double checking. I like to say, better safe than sorry. I will make sure to come back to this thread and update you if we are able to go live with them being included as a critical alert, that way you are the first to know. Hope you are staying safe and healthy, neighbor! :slight_smile:

I agree that water/ freeze alerts that bypass Do Not Disturb are imperative. I would also request that Ring make these events trigger the alarm on the base station. If I have water backing up in my basement, I want to know about it immediately via some form of critical alert not a passive notification on my phone or a passive spoken alert on the base station. Please add this important alert feature.

I know there is the ability to get a phone call when the flood sensor triggers - that’s great, and has saved me a few times. Would still like to see the flood sensor be able to bypass Do Not Disturb, and the ability for the keypad to support the “Spoken Alert” (like the base station does). Any update on these potential features?