Flood cam Sleep mode

I would like to make my flood light “go to sleep” without a scheduled setting. We have lights in our back yard for the hot tub and would like to just have those LEDs come on without the flood light picking up the dog or people in the yard and turning the lights on. I don’t want to schedule it off for everynight for 4 hour window just in case someone wants to get in the hot tub. Any suggestions?

Hi @Davidjhuff76 ! Boy, does a hot tub sound nice right now :slight_smile: Have you thought about motion snooze? Perhaps that could be a good option!

I might not be doing it right but i tried that. It only was snoozing the motion alert. Didn’t keep the spot light from coming on though. Is there a snooze that should control the light?

Hey @Davidjhuff76. Chiming in for Jennifer here! At this time, there is no snooze that is specific to the lights themselves. If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Floodlight Cam > Device Settings > Light Settings, you can make a schedule of when the lights should be turning on and then office automatically, and adjust the motion zones for the lights. Since your concern is the lights staying on or coming on during this time, you may be able to turn down the time for the Auto-Shutoff Timer under the light zones, as well as see if you can turn down the distance they lights are detecting for motion under the light zones. Turning this sensitivity down can help avoid the hot tub area (if it’s far enough out), so that the lights do not continue to come on when someone is in the hot tub! :slight_smile: