Flood Cam Picks up Cat, not Vehicle


My flood cam has stopped detecting our charcoal colored vehicle. The cam picks up a cat when its set to “People Only Mode”, it picks me up walking the dog in the morning, it picks our silver vehicle, but for the several days, the cam will not pick up the arrival or departure of our dark colored vehicle. I’ve made adjustments to the sensitivity, toggled the “people mode” on and off and it still doen’t pick up the car.

Any suggestions?


Hi @mmoberly! Good job toggling people only mode off to see if this will capture the vehicle. As each environment varies, it often is a matter of trial and error with motion settings. I recommend drawing multiple zones for your motion, rather than 1 large zone. Using all 3 zones will help to emphasize movement in each. Beyond settings, you can also try physically angling the Cam differently to see if it will capture more of the area. Please also ensure the Cam is mounted around 7 to 9 feet for optimal detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: