Flood cam failing to connect after reset

Hi. I have several flood light cams around my house. Today I turned off the motion detection on one because I was working out there and didn’t want the chime to repeatedly go off. I tried to turn it back on but when I did it would force open the motion zone edit page. I tried several times. I verified that the camera was connected by viewing the live feed. I tried restarting the power but same issue.

So I decided to reset the camera and reinstall. I removed it from my app, reset it, and attempted reinstall. The ring blinks a slow blue light after the power on noise but I am unable to complete the install because it fails to connect to Wi-Fi.

It repeatedly tries, fails, ask me to connect with my phone to the Ring 6d or something and the fails and asks me to do it directly in iPhone setup. When I try there is no network with that name, but one called Ring Setup 0d. If I attempt to connect it says there is no internet signal and when I go back to setup it fails. If I connect first then use setup, it forces me back to my home wifi network.

What’s going on? Anyone have this issue and fix?

Hi @asphere. We have heard this feedback from other neighbors and have passed this information onto our teams. While they work to resolve this concern as fast as possible, the workaround is to log into your Ring account on Ring.com and adjust the motion detection toggle on there. Thank you for your feedback and patience. :slight_smile: