Flood and Freeze Sensor

It would be a very cool improvement to the Flood and Freeze Sensor to display the current temperature in “Device Health” for the sensor. Surely this is a simple firmware upgrade. Would hugely increase the value perceived for the sensor!

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I would like to see the ability to turn off freeze warnings. When the device is used to detect a leaking hot water heater installed in the attic having alarms all winter for freezing is not helpful.

Hi @calhocr1, you can do this through the Ring app if you would like! For this, you will need to go into your Ring app and into the main menu. From there, go into Devices and select your Alarm Base Station. Locate the Flood/Freeze sensor and tap on that. Under the Flood/Freeze sensor, you can tap on Monitor Settings. In that section, turn off “Low Temperature Detection.” After this, you can go back into the main menu and tap on Settings. Under Settings and then under Push and Email, you can turn off the notification for Low Temp Detected as well. Hope this helps!

Those options are not available. See attached.

flood.pdf (67.1 KB)

I have not yet activated the professionhal monitoring and I learned that feature shows up when it is activated. That will resolve the issue and glad to confirm it is a current feature.

@calhocr1 My apologizes, I should’ve been clear to let you know you have to have Professional Monitoring enabled in order to do this. I had just assumed. I’m glad you were able to get that sorted out and that it clears it up! :smiley_cat:

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I agree this would be a useful feature (to get real time temperature reports). In fact I had assumed this was possible when I purchased the system. I am quite disappointed that this does not appear to be an option.

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