Flood and freeze sensor not reporting when out of range

As an experiment I took a flood and freeze sensor miles away from my house. I expected that I’d get an alert saying it’s out of range but nothing happened. Is this expected?

I know that door sensors report if they have weak signal or are out of range so I was expecting the flood and freeze sensor would do the same.

Hi @shedghog. The Flood and Freeze Sensor is going to be different from the Contact Sensor. After you choose the place you want to place your Flood and Freeze Sensor at, you will need to confirm it can still communicate with the Base Station. This is done via the communication test, that way you can ensure that the location you’ve chosen for your Flood and Freeze Sensor is within range of the Base Station.

To complete the communication test, follow these instructions:

  • Open the cover, wait until the LED stops blinking red, and then quickly tap the Setup button inside the Sensor.
  • If the LED blinks blue, the Sensor is connected and ready to go.
  • If the LED blinks red, you can try the test again or skip it for now.
    • Repositioning the Sensor closer to the Base Station or using an Alarm Range Extender can improve reception.

The communication test can also be completed at any time from the Advanced Options of the Flood & Freeze Sensor device profile in the Ring app.