Flashing white light at the bottom of the circle

Two wired doorbell devices working for 2+ years went off-line with this flash code.
No changes to my router; my other wifi devices continue to connect 20+ feet farther from my router.
“Flashing white light at the bottom of the circle” is missing from Learning Light Patterns for Wired Doorbell Plus (formerly Video Doorbell Pro) and Ring Doorbell Flashing Light Patterns Guide.
Ring needs to update their help pages to add missing info.
The Ring app reconnect screens identify this flash code as “inadequate power supply”.
If so, then the device issued this code erroneously.
I measured the power connections at 26VAC, which is adequate.
Pressing the side button failed to initiate the connection sequence.
I disconnected power and reconnected power on both devices, no other actions. Both devices promptly reconnected to my wifi and became completely operational.
Ring needs to communicate a workaround for their device malfunction.

Hi @user79038. Thanks for detailing the troubleshooting steps that you went through to resolve this issue, and for sharing your feedback. I’m glad your Ring Doorbells have reconnected and are working.

If you experience this issue again, I’d recommend verifying that the Wired Doorbell Plus is installed according to these instructions, just to rule out insufficient power. The Pro Power Kit may not be installed properly, or there could be loose or fraying wires. You can also get in touch with our support team to investigate further.