Flashing Video on Brand New Ring Pro Install

Installed the Ring Pro doorbell last month. And every video and live view -I get flashin video.

Everything is hooked up correctly with good power and wifi strength is good.

I have went thru support and even sent them 5 videos of the issue and was informed that someone will be contacting me with more information. Nothing as of 10 days.

Every time I call help- They make me go thru resetting network , reset the device, etc…

But nothing gets resolved. Please help. We have had a ring pro for 3 years and last month had to replace the doorbell due to damage from kids. So bought the same ring pro and did the install in 5 mins and now this…I think there is something wrong with the actual device…

I can’t attach the video. Hopefully I can figure that out and post it soon.


S Patel

I think I’m having the same problem you are. I’ll try using a Vimeo link to a sample:


I also have an almost brand new Ring Pro. I didn’t notice this problem until about a week of use. Like you, my connection appears to be stable. I don’t want to just endlessly follow the “factory reset” script that we get from support. I’d like an actual answer on what’s causing this.

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That’s exactly what I am taking about. Thanks for posting. I will have to wait til after thanksgiving to call them since we are out of town.

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I am having the same issue. I just installed it last week. I have great signal and power as well.

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Thank you for sharing, neighbors! We have sent this to the team and they are investigating what may be going on. I will certainly keep you posted with information as it comes in. Thank you!

Basically no fix…They just ended up sending me a new ring pro and just return the faulty one.

Will report back once the new one is installed.


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Thanks for posting the update. I guess I’ll be contacting Ring tomorrow to request the same. (Mine is of course still flashing.) I purchased mine through B&H, so I hope the fact that I didn’t buy directly from Ring doesn’t cause me any hassles.



Please refer to the post by sbpatel2333 dated Sun Dec-15-2019. I’m going to initiate the same return process, but since I noticed you hadn’t chimed in with any update on the investigation, I was wondering if there are any further details you can share. Thanks.


I have a brand new Ring Pro that is doing the exact same thing. I called tech support today, sent video, was told they don’t know what is causing it, they have seen this a few times, and that was it. They said I “may” hear from someone.

We spent a lot of money on this and I was surprised at the response. Ours flickers when someone approaches the doorbell (like a strobe light) and then flickers for a bit after the person is out of view. Very annoying and we aren’t keeping it without a resolution.

I’m still awaiting confirmation as well. They have seen the videos and elevated to support team. But to date have yet to receive a response.

Hi DisneyGirl. I had two chats with support on Monday Dec-16-2019. They refused to look at the Vimeo footage, repeatedly stating that they were “not allowed access for [sic] external links.” I had to give them access to the actual unit so they could review older footage and confirm the intermittent flashing.

Despite my insistence that I wanted a replacement unit, I was left hanging with this at the end of the first chat:

“[O]ur advanced technical team is done with checking more details about this issue and it appears that they are investigating the cause and resolve the issue. I have also escalated this to my supervisor and he will take action on this and provide you follow up updates.”

I started another chat, and the representative accessed the old chat and also said he reviewed this message board topic (though again he insisted he could not click on the Vimeo link). While he acknowledged the problem, he once again wanted to run the standard “troubleshooting” script. I told him (quite truthfully) that I had already spent a significant time on the previous chat and simply did not have additional time that day. The agent assured me that when I was ready, I could start another chat or phone call, and they could review the previous notes to get up to speed:

“You can reconnect with us via chat or call in. We would just need to verify the account like I did today, as well as potentially allow us to see the recordings to see what is going on, but they can review the notes on the account or the previous chats and pick up from there.”

I haven’t done that yet because, you know, holidays. When I do, I’ll post the outcome (or updated status).


So they ended up sending me a replacement unit and switched everything and everything is working correctly…No more flashing videos…

What the rep/support concluded was that the unit was the issue.

Here’s what I think:

I already had the ring and bought a replacement ring unit and just replaced the videodoor bell unit part and not the little transformer part. So when they sent me the replacement I ended up changing everything out and problems solved. The replacement unit had a different transformer then the one I already had attached to my mechanical doorbell.

I would keep after them and let them send you a replacement unit and once they do change out everything.


Thanks so much for the update. I’ll refer the represetative to this when I follow up.


Thank you for the response. Surprised they let so many people sit idle on this, especially since it is supposed to be a “security” device. Not a good first impression/interaction with this.

I am glad that yours is working now with a replacement unit. I would hope they would do the same for others, especially if they don’t want people ripping them out or switching to a Google Nest, which several people have suggested I do.

Im having this issue now only on randon videos, but the strange thing is this didnt happen at all when I first installed my two units a month ago. Everything was perfectly fine until the Ring app on my phone was updated just a few days ago and then it started immediately, only on my Pro unit.

Its happening on the same specific vids within the desktop website as well so not just an app issue, but very strange that everything has been fine until the day I updated my app???

Unfortunately the recent app update still didnt fix the long time bug than many of us are having with the neighbors app that causes our homes to be marked incorrectly on the map and miles off course despite having the proper address set in the app, so many of the warnings we get within the app arent for our neighborhood at all.

Google maps can easily get this correct along with any of the other thousands of location based GPS tracking applications created in the last decade, but somehow Ring cant get it right even if provided the exact address

Hi, I’ve just fitted the Ring Pro and have got exactly the same issue. I was thinking that perhaps it may be a power issue but App is indicating power is Good and showing around 4017mV in App. Guess I will need to go through the pain of calling support now but must admit first impressions not great with Ring :frowning:

Yes. This is annoying and not getting any resolve is more frustrating. I may return everything I have and go with Nest!

I just installed my Doorbell Pro in December. I haven’t had any video issues so far. It just recently had it’s firmware updated about last week. Still working without any issues. Might be defective units. Customer service hopefully will be able to help.

Installed a Ring pro last week. Worked flawlessly for 2 days and then the flashing started. It does not happen all the time, but mostly daylight recordings exhibit this issue but never during evening (B&W) - so far. The doorbell is well recessed and receives no direct sun. Power/connectivity show good.

Following is an example vid: https://ring.com/share/6790018526771799102

Has anyone resolved this without having to replace the unit?

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