Fixing doorbell

l have just got myself a ring doorbell and would like it in the obvious place the front door.
l cannot put it on the doorframe as my front door is set back from the front wall so it would only cover half my front garden.
l could put the doorbell in the middle of the front door but dont want to drill holes in the door, so any suggestions on how l could put the doorbell on the door . Is there a adhesive l could use that would be strong enough to hold the doorbell to the door…

Hi @ray5. You can try using a Corner Kit to adjust the Doorbell’s angle so you capture more of your front garden while still installing it on the wall where it is intended to be installed. Check which model of Doorbell you have on the original packaging or on the Device Health page in the Ring App to ensure you choose the Corner Kit that’s designed for your Doorbell. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: