Fixed Static IP on Ring Video Pro Doorbell

Has anybody been able to set up a static ip on the Video Doorbell Pro.

No matter what entries I put in the static ip fields in the advanced setting setup area of the wifi setup, the ring just defaults to a dhcp connection.

Values I am entering are: for ip, for mask, for gateway, Have entered,, for dns.

The setup supposedly saves the config, and when you go back to it, these values show.

Howver as soon as you connect to the network the device always ends up on a dhcp ip, not the entered static ip.

I’ve also added a chime pro, and it accepts the static ip and connects with it.

Ring support is clueless, that is when you can get to them.

Have done second level, sent them config data, etc and no response.

My original setupo was dhcp, so I’m wondering if they have saved it in my account profile rather than taking it from the actual new setup.

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Same problem with a Ring Doorbell 3. In my case, it’s dissociating from the wifi about once/minute, and also makes a dhcp request regardless of static settings.

(yes, I know the difference between static IP and a dhcp reservation)