Fixed no sound notification on shared app

This may help someone

I shared an invitation to the home Ring doorbell with my wife so she can answer the door herself if we’re out or too busy to answer the door. Since getting the invitation sorted and working I found she only had notifications on the status bar of her phone ( Android Ring App)… no sounds despite selecting and setting a two tones; motion and doorbell.

after a few hours of trying things and searching for an answer I found that you need to enable sounds in the in the phone settings. Not the settings in Ring app but the phone… Go to setting on the phone and look for apps. Scroll down to the Ring app and select it and then in the settings, enable notifications. After doing that she gets the sound notifications i had chosen in the Ring app. Phew!

Might help someone… it was a little frustrating but got there.

Hi @Grazuncle. Thanks for sharing this information! I’m sure others will also find this useful. Thanks again.

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