Fitting Ring Doorbell inside or outside porch

Hi, I have recently had a new enclosed porch fitted to the front of my house. My Ring Doorbell 2 is currently located on my front door so it looks onto the new porch door and then onto the drive. Would it be best to leave the doorbell on the front door or move it to the outside frame? If I left it on my front door then visitors would need to open the new porch door and ring the bell. I’m leaning towards leaving it where it is, the only issue is that at night the IR sensor light is reflected on the glass on the new porch door. Any recommendations please?

Hi @user36212. The glass from the new porch door can impact the Doorbell’s ability to properly detect motion, so this is important to keep in mind as you decide on the installation location. If the motion detection outside of your enclosed porch doesn’t concern you, then you can leave it where it is and the Doorbell should still work to notify you of visitors once they open the outer door. However, if you’d like your Doorbell to be able to reliably detect motion outside, you may want to consider moving the Doorbell to the outer door if possible. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

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