Fitting doorbell to door surround

Hi, ive purchased a ring doorbell and just looking to see where to install. Our front door has a large surround to it which would be ideal however I’m not sure what it’s made of and how best to secure. Has anyone fitted one to something similar to this?


@chrishluk What is the surround made of? Either way best will be screws. You can get no drill mounts for some ring doorbells. One thing would be is if the door surround is solid stone/concrete then you might find the WiFi struggles. Might be worth a temp test first.

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Hi, I ended up drilling into the surround. It appealed to be a hollow fibreglass therefore drilled through quite easily without any plugs. I did look at the WiFi which was poor no matter where I put it around the front door as the router is on the other side of the house, a WiFi extender has done the trick for that.

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Great to hear @chrishluk!