First Gen Stick Up Cam Mounting Parts Available?

The parts page shows repair kits for 2nd and 3rd gen Stick Up cams, but I don’t see any for the first gen Stick Up Cam. Part of the mount broke on one of mine (the part that snaps to hold the Stick Up cam in place, and unsnaps to remove it). I’d love to get a replacement for it if at all possible… Is it possible?

Hey @DrStephenCW. It may be possible, but since we do not sell it on our website, we may no longer be in stock of this. Rest assured, if you reach out to our support team here they can double check this for you, and any parts we have, they should be able to work out sending you over what you need!

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Thanks, your CS group was super helpful and is sending me the broken part.

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Why would you stop making replacement parts for Gen1 stick up cams?

I need a replacement mount for a gen1 stick up cam. Just the 2x2 piece. Can you please send me one? Amazon doesn’t have one and as you admit here, you stopped making them (maybe to force people to replace perfectly good Gen1 cams with newer cams?!).