First Alert ZCombo - False Alerts

I have a total of 8 First Alert ZCombo (Gen 1) combo Smoke and CO detectors in my house. These detectors are all less than a year old, and were purchased at the same time as my main Ring System.

Since I installed the system I have had no-less than (3) of these detectors randomly trigger and generate false alarms. Naturally these go off in the middle of the night.

Several occasions, these units will generate a number of quick successive false alarms - faster than I’m able to clear (trying to keep the family from freaking out), answer the call from Ring Monitoring, and remove the batteries to prevent future false alarms. A few times this resulted in the FireDepartment being dispatched.

While I understand the intent of these units is to scare and wake up the family, and I appreciate the extremely fast response of both the Ring system and the monitoring team - my concern is the number of false alerts this is providing and the quality of the detectors.

My question is - is anyone else having these repeated issues with the FirstAlert ZCombo units? I will be calling up First Alert later this morning to request a replacement for the 3rd failed unit - and inquiring if they could just replace the remaining 5 original units.

At this point, I have absolutely NO confidence in these units - and my children are scared to death that that they will just randomly go off. I originally had a 20 year old hardwired DSC System with smokes that never have given me this much trouble.

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I am having the same exact problem. It’s very frustrating and the anxiety it has caused my family and dogs is ridiculous. I own 8 smoke detectors whereas 5 are upstairs (one in each bedroom and one in upstairs hallway). This week, I had 4 false alarms whereas the majority occurred after midnight (no surprise there). All of these smoke detectors are less than a year old and the Ring app says that the battery are fine in each. I’ve disconnected all 5 but it still concerns me that I’m not protected. There has been no smoke, no steam from any showers, no lighting of candles. All false alarms. The only possible thing I can think of is that I used the Duracell batteries that came with the First Alert zwave detector and I read that if batteries are weak then it could trigger a false positive. I never wanted the batter ones…wanted the wired ones but I read from First Alert that their zwave wires unit won’t arrive until Summer 2022 due to COVID. Contacting support now and if I can’t get an answer then I’m going to purchase 8 wired Nest smoke detectors because I can’t go through these false positives on these smoke detectors anymore. Anxiety and frustration through the roof. :frowning:

Sorry to hear about this, neighbors! Our support team is definitely the best to reach out to for a quick resolution. Here is also our help center article with tips for avoiding false alarms with First Alert smoke/ co devices, including a link to their support manuals and more. Feel free to let us know of any solutions you find! :slight_smile: