First Alert Z-Wave Smoke Detector 6 False Alarms in 2 months

Since the last two months, we have been getting false alarms from 3 of our First Alert Z-Wave Smoke Detector alarms, the first time I thought it was due to battery issues, so I replaced the batteries for all 5 alarms, BUT even after that every now and then the alarms have been triggering falsely and the emergency services calls in. This has been causing a lot of problems, and mainly when we are outside away from home, at which point we are not sure if the alarm is real or a false alarm.
Requesting the Ring community if anyone here also have this issue.?
Is this a hardware issue? as the first alert z-wave smoke/CO alarm devices says on the back to replace after 7 years and we are at 4-5 years time span for all our alarm devices.

I am putting the model number of the First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Detector if there are any manufacturer-related issues or if they have been discontinued, please assist or reply with your inputs or suggestions.

First Alert Model no - ZCOMBO,

Thank you

Hello @vrmuthineni - I am in almost identical situation as you. I installed several First Alert ZCOMBO detectors approximately 4-5 years ago (thus they would be manufactured approximately same time as yours) and have had numerous false alarms from them in the past few months. Batteries are fine.

I believe the units you and I installed are the 1st generation ZCOMBO’s. Currently First Alert is selling 2nd generation units. Supposedly the primary difference is the Z-Wave protocol improvements but suspect there were other changes(improvements) as well.

Is it coincidence that we’re experiencing same issue(false alarms) with same age of ZCOMBO detectors? Possibly, but would be interested if others are having same issue…

Hi neighbors. Make sure your First Alert Smoke/CO2 Alarm is not located near vents, open windows, or bathrooms. These are potential sources of false alarms. Additionally, ensure your First Alert Smoke/CO2 Alarm is clear of any dirt, debris, or dust by wiping it down with a clean microfiber cloth. If these false alarms persist, I’d recommend following up with First Alert’s support at 800-323-9005.

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