First Alert Smoke/CO2 False Alarms

Has anyone experienced false alarms with these? I’ve experienced a few and there was absolutely no smoke in my house at the times they alarmed. Is it when the batteries get low? The Ring app shows all the alarms at 100% battery even though they’ve been up for months.

Hi @Drewmama. Where is your First Alert Smoke/CO2 Alarm located? If it is near any vents, open window or a bathroom, it could be causing the false alarms. If the dust from an open window/vent or moisture from a bathroom collect on the surface, you will need to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to help mitigate false alarms. If this continues to happen, you may want to contact First Alert here.

We had a First Alert Smoke/CO2 Alarm activated while we were out of country and no one was at our house at the time. Unfortunately, the fire department was called. My daughter had received the alarm notification and attempted, from the ring app, to “deactivate the alarm” 3 times. Our First Alert Smoke/CO2 Alarm is in our basement, but 17’ from our furnace (which is behind a sliding door) and more that 8’ from any ceiling vents.