First Alert Smoke/CO gen 2 won't connect

I get to the stage that says First Alert Smoke Alarm. Slide open the tray, insert the batteries and push in the tray. After doing that, it beeps, but nothing happens in the app. I’ve spent the last two hours reading and trying various reset remedies. This is to replace a defective unit, so now I’ve had 4 units, and 2 seem defective/won’t pair.

Hi @AaronCHS. There is a technique that might allow you to add this Smoke Alarm to your Ring Base Station. First, you’ll want to bring the Smoke Alarm close to the Base Station and remove the batteries from the device. Next, open the Ring app and follow these steps.

  • Select the Base Station

  • Select the Device Settings tile

  • Select Advanced Options

  • Select Z-Wave

  • Select Remove Z-Wave Device

  • Select Remove

  • When you notice it says “Listening for a device…”, preform the steps to add the device "hold the test button, insert batteries and slide in tray). You should see it say “Device successfully removed” if done correctly.

Now, start the process to add the device again. This should allow you to add the Smoke Alarm. Let me know if this helps!