First Alert Smoke/CO detector install

Since there is no documentation for installing the First Alert Smoke/CO detectors it is up to each customer to try and figure it out on their own.

I bought a bunch of the smoke/CO detectors and when I began installing I started with the first one. It showed up in the Ring app with multiple devices so I thought there was a problem and removed it. Then I installed the second one and found it also had multiples… but recognized that was one for smoke and one for CO was showing up. Through the install process, it will end up only showing as one device. That is confusing to start with.

I got all of the rest of them installed now and so went back to the first one to get it reinstalled. It will not install… it shows up in the app as a device that has not been installed but it will not pair with the app for configuration.

How do I get it “reinstalled”?

Hi @medicnick. Were you able to remove the one that is not fully added to your system? If it is showing up, please share a screenshot of how it is listed in the Ring App. I’d be happy to take a look and offer some help. :slight_smile:

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I spoke to someone in customer service. For the record, here is how to solve this issue.

It requires a factory reset of the First Alert alarm so that it can allow itself to be paired to the network again. To factory resent, open the battery door then hold the test button while closing the battery door. Keep holding the button until the second (and much longer) beep happens. That’s it!


I did the same thing and spent more time than I care to say trying to get them set up again. Thanks for taking the time to provide the resolution. Just curious - Did you get the support from Ring or First Alert?