First 4-5 seconds of motion video is heavily pixelated

I have a Stick Up Cam with solar panel (3rd gen).

I noticed that for every motion recording, the first 4-5 seconds image is heavily pxielated. After that the video is very clear. If I try Live view, the video quality is good from beginning.

It seems the cam needs few seconds to detect proper network speed to send the data.

The WIFI signal is RSSI - 51. my internet speed is 100mbps down/40 mbps up.

Is there any settings to make the motion video use HD resolution from beginning? Or is this a defect of the product?

Hi @AzerothDD. I would suggest performing a router reboot. You can do this by unplugging your router for 3 minutes, then plugging back in. It can take up to 10 minutes for your internet to restore. This should help clear up some of the pixelation towards the beginning of your videos. Let me know if this helps.