First 2-3 seconds of the videos are black now

for the last 2 days, my videos are starting with a sound but a black screen. the video starts after 2-3 seconds of black recording. This 2-3 second is very important to catch a face in case of a package theft.

check the video below, it doesnt show black screen, it is simply freezing the first 2-3 second. The app on the phone shows black screen.

Hey @metin! Thank you for posting that example. The video does appear to freeze for the first couple seconds, while the rest of the video looks to operate as intended. If this is happening frequently, and resulting in black video for the first portion of your videos, it would be best to start with uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app.

If this concern persists, I recommend checking the device RSSI in the Device Health section in the app. Check out our Community post on RSSI to see how your signal strength is delivering video. Minimizing the distance, walls, and appliances/ solid objects between your router and the connecting device, it always a great way to improve signal and video delivery. Let us know if this helps! :slight_smile:

RSSI is -60 and it has always been this way. This problem is happening only the last 2 days.