Firmware update on Mac, lost ability to change settings

Two days ago I was alerted that there was an update for my Ring doorbell. I downloaded the update to my Mac, hoping it would resolve the delay in receiving alerts. Instead I have lost the ability to change my Motion Settings . All I can do now is change the name of the device and control the volume. The ability to select the range of motion and sensitivity has gone. Was this an oversight by Ring? Can I Uninstall the update and go back to the way it was? Or can I get back the ability to change my Motion Settings?

Note - I can’t use the app on my mobile device (the OS is too old), so I use my computer for all settings. I don’t know whether there would be a difference if I was using my phone instead.

Hi @UnhappyCamper , thank you for sharing your feedback. We take neighbor feedback seriously and are constantly working to improve and invent on your behalf.

This update was made to continue improving your experience, across all Ring app options, including desktop and mobile. As the initial setup of your Ring device is always accomplished through your smartphone mobile app, versus on the desktop, we believed this to be the most central location to make important adjustments to your device settings.

As I said, I can’t use the app on my smartphone. Initial setup was done by my son who has a more up to date smartphone. I can’t have him running over here every time I want/need to make an adjustment. Removing that option from my desktop is not at all helpful to me, besides which he uninstalled it from his phone once we were set up to handle it ourselves on the computer.

So again I ask - is it possible to uninstall the recent update and go back to the previous version?

I might also add that when you offer an update, you might advise us exactly what changes are going to take place so that we have the option of not updating should the changes be undesirable. If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have updated.

The only update I want to see is a faster response time when motion is detected. By the time we receive motion alerts, someone is already ringing the doorbell. The delay is quite unacceptable, defeats the purpose and I’ve never been happy with this device from the beginning. It’s useless on a sunny day due to the bright light, the video is grainy and visitors can’t hear us through the intercom. That plus the fact it can’t be hardwired into my existing doorbell/intercom wiring should have been noted on the packaging before we made the purchase. Now to top it all off, I can’t even control it from my computer. Far as I’m concerned this thing has been a total waste of money. All we needed was a new doorbell and that’s about all this thing is good for.

I’ve shared your feedback with the appropriate teams @UnhappyCamper! For now, the best next step would be to contact our support team, at 800-656-1918, as they can assist with your wiring concerns and optimizing your motion detection. Thank you! :slight_smile:

That is not what I asked. I have no wiring problems. Ours is battery operated.

Here’s what I want to know. Can I uninstall the update which took away our ability to control our Ring doorbell from our computer? Simple answer. Yes or No.

Now you’ve added some double authentication code thingy. We didn’t ask for it, and yet you have defaulted the settings to require this two factor authentication.

Now we can’t even use the Ring doorbell because as I said in my original post, we don’t have the Ring app on our somewhat outdated phones. The phones work perfectly well for us. As retirees we don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles and are not buying new mobile phones just to use your increasingly useless product. Without the app on our phone, we can’t even change our settings since your update prior to Christmas.

Now I can’t even turn on my Ring to monitor the front door without signing in using your authentication code. THE DEFAULT SETTING SHOULD NOT BE DOUBLE AUTHENTICATION UNLESS THE CUSTOMER SETS IT THEMSELVES!

I’m done with you and looking for an alternative product.

No, you can’t uninstall it.
And you needed a phone to set it up. Where’s that phone now?
You are not meant to use this system without a phone.
Almost any old phone would work.

The 2 factor authentication is for your protection. Sadly people like yourself think it’s a joke.

It really sounds like Ring isn’t for you. You’d be better of returning it and go with ADT or the like.

Thanks for your reply. I suspected as much regarding the ‘uninstallation’ of the update that rendered my doorbell nearly unusable.

Originally we could control the settings from our computer, but the December update took away that ability. So no…it wasn’t always meant to only be used with a mobile phone. As I explained in my first message to Ring, my son used his phone to set up the system for us. Once we established that we could control it from the computer, he deleted the app. He didn’t need it and neither did we. I only cared to know who was at the door before I bothered to go downstairs and answer it.

Our cell phones are satisfactory for our uses - the occasinal phone call or text. We have no desire to spend hundreds on new phones, or sign up for expensive contracts and data plans just to get a free phone. I’m not going to have my son run over here every time Ring changes things, or when I want to change the settings on the doorbell.

And ‘people like me’? - Did I say or imply that double authentication is a joke? I get that it’s an added layer of security. What I object to is that it was set, by Ring, as the default setting and now I can’t even get in to the account to choose my settings, or even turn on the app to view from my computer as we once were able. We never had to log in just for that, and as the account was set up using my husband’s email, sending him the authentication code is no good to me when he’s not here. When he gets back, I’ll try again and then switch the email address to my own. At least then, theoretically, I’ll be able to turn on the app on my computer, and see who’s at the door (…and on the street, and driving by…because I can’t change the motion settings from the computer any more). Unless they’ve also taken away the ability to view the camera from the computer in which case we’re left with an expensive doorbell.

Updates shouldn’t be removing features, they should be improving and adding to them. Returning the doorbell and wireless chime aren’t an option after this length of time. I just want the darn thing to work the way it did when we first got it but I can see that’s not going to happen.

An option you can choose is to buy a cheap fire tablet. They go as low as $30. You’d be able to then control all Ring devices and the tablet is really good for basic stuff as well. Ring is made for mobile devices foremost. Hence the reason you need on to connect them. They don’t seem to really care much about PC’s having the same access. And the 2 factor authentication isn’t an issue on tablets or phones. You need the code once every 30 days but that’s only if you don’t use the app for 30 days. Posting on here requires constant signing in. But on my phone it’s not a issue with copy and paste being made easy on Android.

The new stick up cams don’t have solar panel staus under power in decice health, Ring support is really not good and have no clue on how support ring products or what features they have. Please add the solar staus so I can tell if my cam is connected to solar or disconnected before I move to another company , im done with support. See attached photos for the old stick up cam vs the new gen