Firmware not updating on Ring 2

It would appear my new Ring 2 will not update its firmwar, has been on for almost a week and its stuck on 1.22.27 and there is no option to force update… how do we get the bloody things to update… I am having nothing but issues with this new device (just upgraded from Ring1) and I am assuming most are due to the very old firmware.

Mine is doing the same thing. Every time I reconnect it it says it’s updating the firmware and then reboots, but the firmware never updates and nothing works. I can’t view the live feed and when the button is pushed I don’t get any notifications or anything.

Hey neighbors! If you are having a concern with your Ring Video Doorbell not updating its firmware, it would be best to reach out to our support team here. Normally a reboot of the device by holding it down for 30 seconds will help refresh the connection and update the firmware, but it’s also possible the device may not be ready for the update yet. Once you reach out to our support team they will be able to verify what the case is for your device and get it back up and running!