Firewall rules block Chime start up

My Ring Chime will not complete setup after a restart (unplug). If I use default firewall settings it starts up fine, but with my custom firewall rules, it fails. Once the Chime boots with the default rules, everything works fine if I switch it back to my custom firewall rules. So its only a port used for setup.

I have read the article from Ring about firewall ports and believe I have rules to cover all the listed ports.

I have the following outbound rules for any device in my network. Read this list as: Protocol InternalPort -> ExternalPort (comment)

Ring specific ports:

    TCP Any -\> 6970  
    TCP Any -\> 9998  
    TCP Any -\> 9999

    TCP Any -\> 15063  
    TCP Any -\> 15064  
    UDP Any -\> 7076  
    UDP Any -\> 7077  
    UDP Any -\> 9078  
    UDP Any -\> 9079

    UDP Any -\> 15063  
    UDP Any -\> 15064

    UDP Any -\> 16500-65000

Other ports used (according to Ring)

    TCP Any -\> 123   (ntp)

    TCP Any -\> 80   (http)

    TCP Any -\> 443  (https)

    TCP 53 -\> 53   (router predefined dns rule)  
    TCP 1024-65535 -\> 53  (router predefined dns rule)  
    UDP 53 -\> 53  (router predefined dns rule)  
    UDP 1024-65535 -\> 53  (router predefined dns rule)

Have a similar issue but with a DoorBell Pro… Attempted to installl at my office and it keeps saying that there is an internet issue, brought it home and it installed on the first attempt… took it back to office and it wouldn’t connect to wifi… identical hardware on both locations except the isp’s fibre router… then read up on the forwarding ports, which i added all the necessary ports, yet still no joy…

at this point i really don’t know which direction to head in…