Firefox & Live View

Had I known RING Doorbell ‘Live View’ does not work with Firefox I would not have purchased RING! Tried call to support only to find that it’s some foreign person who did not understand my question/concern & both of us had hard time understanding each other… Language barrier! Anyway, does anyone know if they are working on making Live View ‘work with Firefox’ & when this might be available. Otherwise I’ll throw this junk out & get another brand of security door bell/camera.


I agree with you! Time to change security platform?
If this issue persists, I am not going to renew my subscription.

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Hi neighbors. You can find more information about the experience and the Ring app in this Help Center article here.

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@Tom_Ring that article is incorrect, though, and you referencing it within this topic is a little ironic.

The topic is that ‘Live View’ does not work with Firefox.

The Help Center article states:

All features are supported on Google Chrome, Safari (Apple), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

( emphasis mine )

Yet when I go to Live View in Firefox, I get the message
Live view is not currently supported for Firefox
We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari (MacOS or iOS), Opera, or Microsoft Edge.”

It can’t be both, Tom. Please either make it currently supported (if your tech can’t figure it out, give me a ring… I have very reasonable rates for copy/pasting streaming video code from any number of both open and closed source-friendly libraries), or just update the Help Center article with “Mozilla Firefox is not supported, all hail the Chromium hegemony”.
( Please forgive the snark - custom-tailored error messages instead of fixing whatever the issue might be tends to bring that out in me. )

Hi @FoxRing. At this time, Live View is not supported on Firefox, which is noted in our Help Center Article here. With the discontinuation of the Ring desktop app in the first half of 2022, our teams are working to bring all of these integral features to the experience across all of the supported browsers. I apologize for any misinformation, and thank you for your feedback.

did not answer question, bot fail.

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I was about to respond stating that the article purportedly saying that Firefox is not supported clearly states that it is…

…when I check and find that it does indeed work now.

Clear communication fails aside, thank you Ring team for restoring Live View support in Firefox.

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Glad to hear that this is working for you, @FoxRing!

Has anyone figured how to use Live View in the Ring web app using the Firefox browser WITHOUT granting microphone permission?

SolarEclipse -

Unlike you, I am unable to use Live View in the Ring web app using the Firefox browser (version 103.0.2 on Windows 10) WITHOUT enabling microphone access. (I haven’t bothered to try to enable microphone access as I have no desire to lower my security.)

Interestingly, the Yellow bar shown in your screen capture is NOT displayed on my screen. Instead, the following error message is displayed:

      There was an issue starting Live View, Click the Reconnect button
       to try again.

If you tap the Reconnect button, however, it eventually re-displays the same error.

You and I are obviously running two different versions of the Windows operating system (albeit with the same version of the browser) – but I don’t know if that makes a difference.