Firearm safe

Has anyone put a contact sensor on a firearm safe? A metal one

I have them on the outside of my wall safe. If it opens I know. Closes I know. Tampered with I know. And can set it to attach to my alarm so it goes off.

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Thinking about putting a sensor inside the safe like a entry door. Anyone have any thoughts on this

Hi @Jmoo1201! In addition to @Eagle328’s recommendations, a Motion Detector can also be a great way to watch this area. As you are looking to place your Contact Sensors inside the safe, it is important to keep in mind signal strength. A safe in itself is often similar to a Faraday cage in how it might block radio frequency. While the Alarm devices use zwave to communicate over distance, the safe might block important signals if the sensor is placed inside, especially a safe containing additional metallic items. It might be best to mount the Contact Sensor on the exterior of this safe. I hope this helps!

I just put miy door sensor on outside. I think there may be signal problems if you put inside.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to try mounting inside and see how this work. If successful I’ll post

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