FIRE HAZZARD- ring doorbell 2 constantly activates the existing chime

when turning breaker back on after wire connections are made, the existing chime engages and stays engaged. the transformer buzzes and gets hot. 20/10 V/VAC transformer should be sufficient per recommendation from RING. any ideas?

Hey @Thunderlips! The first thing I recommend checking is the wiring to ensure it is not too thin (I.E. cat5 spliced), the wires are not touching (shorting) anywhere, and that there is no diode installed if you are using a mechanical chime kit.

If the chime kit concern continues, please check our Chime Kit Compatibility List to ensure your Video Doorbell 2 and chime kit are compatible. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring - the wires are 18ga and are not touching/shorting out. I followed the wiring diagram for a single doorbell and chime unit on the Ring website. When the doorbell is not connected, the chime works correctly. Chime unit is on the compatability list. The only other place for this connection to occure is inside the ring doorbell unit.