Fire floodlight camera siren when motion detected

I would like to know if it is possible to configure the Floodlight camera siren to automatically fire when motion is detected and the alarm is in Home or Away mode.

I would like to configure it in human detection and get the siren fired automatically, not wait until I check what is going on.

You’ll be happy to know this is indeed an option! As you mentioned having a Ring Alarm system, you are now able to link your Cameras that have sirens for additional siren audio, in the event the Alarm system is triggered. Check out this Community post by @Boone for tips on enabling this feature. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marley! This feature is great but what I want is a bit different.

I would like the floodlight camera to act as an outdoor sensor, and if a person is detected trigger the alarm, at least its own siren.

I have the same question / request. When the Alarm is in Home or Away mode, I’d like to sound the siren if human motion is detected by the floodlight camera.

I do not want to sound the siren if the alarm is in Disarmed mode.