Fire Department Always Called and No Cancellation Allowed Because Carbon Monoxide Grouped with Smoke Now

I don’t have CO detectors but only smoke detectors. Can the Ring Smoke/CO alarm listening device be configured for only smoke? The problem now is that Ring Monitoring appears to have changed their procedure so that if the Ring Smoke/CO alarm listener hears an alarm it automatically dispatches the local Fire Department because it assumes CO, and they can’t be recalled. Previously when I burned a piece of toast and I set off the alarm I got a call from Ring asking if they needed to call the Fire Department, but now they call to announce that the Fire Department is on the way,

Hi @AspenMark. This Help Center article here will share the process that is used. The only way to configure a CO alarm on the CO listener, would be for the listener to detect temporal 4 tones. This is a distinct sound pattern that is unique to CO alarms. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. the linked Ring article says nothing about the inability to cancel emergency response if CO is detected. 2) I’m beginning to think that the Ring operator that called me when I accidentally set the smoke alarm off while replacing batteries was misinformed and would not stop or cancel Fire Department dispatch based upon her misunderstanding of the facts, and in fact multiple Ring help staffers may have been also misinformed . I have a standard smoke only detector and they all thought that I have CO also, much to my repeated denial. My Ring smoke/CO listener was never set up for CO nor does my detector make any other alarm sound than just one (for smoke detection). All that I am asking is that if I set off my smoke alarm due to a burnt piece of toast, that I want the ability to prevent Fire Department dispatch by canceling my alarm within 30 seconds or informing the Ring operator when they call per your standard protocol like I have experienced in the past. I just wanted you to be aware that something changed at Ring’s end these last few months to change your response to my smoke alarm.

Hi @AspenMark. The protocol has not changed. You can cancel a smoke alarm by answering the first monitoring center call and providing the correct verbal password, or by disarming on your Ring Alarm Keypad within the first 30 seconds. You can’t cancel using the Ring app. If you have followed these steps correctly and the fire department is still being dispatched, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here to have your concern further investigated. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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