Fire Department Always Called and No Cancellation Allowed Because Carbon Monoxide Grouped with Smoke Now

I don’t have CO detectors but only smoke detectors. Can the Ring Smoke/CO alarm listening device be configured for only smoke? The problem now is that Ring Monitoring appears to have changed their procedure so that if the Ring Smoke/CO alarm listener hears an alarm it automatically dispatches the local Fire Department because it assumes CO, and they can’t be recalled. Previously when I burned a piece of toast and I set off the alarm I got a call from Ring asking if they needed to call the Fire Department, but now they call to announce that the Fire Department is on the way,

Hi @AspenMark. This Help Center article here will share the process that is used. The only way to configure a CO alarm on the CO listener, would be for the listener to detect temporal 4 tones. This is a distinct sound pattern that is unique to CO alarms. If you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask.