Finding. Neighbors in my area

I’m lost when it comes to this I have blink cameras but I have the neighbors option thru Ring. Not sure how this all works but I’d love to be a active member in the community as I just moved to this house. How does this all work. I’m sorry I’m an ■■■■■ with this stuff… Help!!! Lol

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The Neighbors by Ring app is available for all neighbors. You can even join the Neighbors app without a Ring device. The Neighbors app is free and allows you to be notified or see updates pertaining to events in your local neighborhood. You can comment, post, and more! :slight_smile:

To clarify also, the Neighbors app is separate from this Ring Community, which is a global neighbor to neighbor forum about all things Ring. While this Community forum is not local to you, it is still a great place to share feedback and interact with other passionate Ring device users.

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Why the Neighbors App or service is not available in Israel?
I’ve got an email from Ring that I’m now a Ring Protect Neighbor but when I search for the app it doesn’t show up in my Google Play store.

Hi @udiburg. As noted in this Help Center article here, the Neighbors app is only available in the US.