Finally got doorbell 2 working with Orbi - my solution

After reading all options on this and the netgear site, I finally got it to work (fast live view.) All the setting in the Orbi router didn’t help.

My setup: orbi RKB50 with two satellites and Ring doorbell 2

My solution: found and old cheapass wifi repeater (Fritz 310) in a drawer, set it up to repeat guest network, but gave it a different SSID name, forcing the Ring to connect with the repeater instead of the Orbi’s. Placed the repeater in a powersocket a couple of meters from the ring. Finally I moved the orbi’s to the other side of the house to give the 2.4Ghz channel of the repeater as much power as it can give without being blasted away by the orbi power (before doing this live view worked very slow or not.)

Rock solid for days (fingers crossed) and almost instant live view in all possible situations.


  • repeater with own SSID name

  • clean transmit channel or move orbi’s away/power down if same 2.4Ghz channel.

I don’t have the chime pro but I guess the above can be done with it.

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