Feedback for ring video door bell 2

Hi my video doorbell 2 i have is doing this, when some presses the door bell 2, it will start to jigger the light and sound is liw even if charge batter, not sure if bug in firemwareupdate but, could be wanted to pist this so can be fixed thanks ray toth. Never did this before

Hey, @Raymondjtoth! Your Video Doorbell 2 should not be controlling or effecting lights, unless you have it setup to do so. Please check your Doorbell settings in the Ring app and ensure there are not any linked devices or light groups (Smart Lighting) that might be linking your Doorbell. If you have any Alexa routines or skills setup, confirm those are not impacting this operation as well.

As for the ringer volume coming from the Video Doorbell itself, this can be changed in the Ring app by visiting your Doorbell page > Device Settings > General Settings > Doorbell Volume slider. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I only own z ring door bell and chime

Ok thanks so much for helping