Feedback Button

Ugh! I wanted to provide some feedback for an iPhone/iOS issue and instead learned just how clunky things have become with Ring support (e.g., interface loops, ridiculously loud, chaotic phone support farm, this form itself). Where’s the feedback button?

At the top of the page is a Help option. Select it then Help Center.

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Not sure where the other user that commented is pointing to but I too cannot find anywhere to provide feedback so here is mine too.

In the newest update that is on iOS, they have put the SOS button directly above where you would swipe up on a newer iPhone to close (no home button) seemingly in a dangerous spot for triggering a false SOS. Not sure where to report this as an issue other than here.

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The “feedback” I was referring to is at the top of this page, or any page in the community. Not in the app.
Hope that helps.