Feature Update: Schedule your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm Automatically

I’m new to this system and have a simple question. I have my system set for automatic schedule. If we have an accidental trigger event during the time when it is armed and we disarm it to prevent the siren, do we need to reset the schedule or does it automatically do this. Thank you.

Hi @user22576. You will have to manually arm the Ring Alarm system again after disarming it. When you have a Mode Schedule set to arm the system in Away or Home at a certain time, it will not re-arm the system after that time has passed.

I currently have a few Ring cameras and based on the above i can see that mode scheduling is not available with my cameras. I can also see that mode scheduling is available with a Ring alarm system. My question is: if i were to buy a Ring Alarm system would the mode scheduling feature be unlocked on my existing cameras/doorbell by virtue of having them linked to the alarm system? Thanks

Hi @stonehound. Yes, as long as there are Mode settings in place with the Ring Cameras, they would adhere to the Mode Schedule that is in place with a Ring Alarm system on the account. Other neighbors have requested a Mode Schedules option for Doorbells and Cameras without a Ring Alarm, you can find the request below.

You can vote on the request and add a comment. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share your feedback and suggestions with our teams here.

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When will this feature be available for ring cameras and doorbells? The “feature request board” noted by @Riley_Ring regarding this has had ZERO feedback from any part of Ring company. It is an easy feature to implement, which is clearly desired by customers. Many other security companies offer this. Why does Ring have apparently little to no interest in providing a quite basic feature to your PAYING, subscribing customers?


This is a basic feature and should be available to regular subscribers.

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When I activate the modus at home from 11 pm till 7 am the alarm will also disarm at 7 am when I have activated the away modus. The at home modus should be overruled when the alarm is activated.

Regards, Alex

Same problem and the helpdesk didn’t have a solution!

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Hey neighbors. If you have A Mode Schedule in place to disarm the Ring Alarm at 7 AM every day, the Alarm will disarm at 7 AM every day, regardless of if it’s in Home or Away Mode prior to that. You can set multiple Mode Schedules if needed, or you can toggle a Schedule off if you have a different plan than usual on a particular day.

I’ve read this, and read the linked Ring Help Center article. The problem is, I don’t have a “Mode Schedules” option in my app, or via the web portal either.

Hi @userchadly. If you are not seeing the Mode Schedule option in your Ring app, verify that your Ring app and phone are up-to-date with the latest updates available and that you have a Ring Alarm System. You will not be able to use Mode Schedules if you only have Cameras and Doorbells.

Hi, New to the community. I purchased the Ring indoor cam and currently 7 days left on trial. I was looking for the Mode Scheduling feature on my Ring app but not there. So, if I’m reading the thread correctly, I must have installed the Ring Alarm System in order to access that Mode Schedule featuer, CORRECT ? If that the case, what would be the minimum Alarm System I could buy to have that feature? In shopping the Ring store, I do see Alarm Security Kit - 5 Piece. includes * Base Station

  • Keypad, * Contact Sensor, * Motion Detector,* Range Extender… Will installing that bundle unlock the Mode Schedule feature? Next Question… If I just purchased the Base station, would that unlock the feature? Eventually, I do plan to add more cameras around my home but still doing some fact finding. Thanks in advance for your response…

BTW, Ring’s competitors offers Mode Scheduling as a default with no additional components needed…

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Why doesn’t Ring app allow you to display 4 cameras on a single screen anymore? The only way to do it is display them as thumbnails which is too small and not appealing. I used to be able to display 4 camera previews on a single screen. You can try it out yourself on a tablet…it doesn’t let you do that anymore…which is ashamed.


Is there any plan to allow mode scheduels for users without an alarm. It seems ridiculous that such a simple feature is hidden behind an alarm paywall. The blink camera system i just switched from provided all users with this option

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Hi @ian23116. At this time, we do not have an update on Modes Schedules being used without a Ring Alarm. As mentioned by Caitlyn, feel free to comment and vote on this feature request post, where other neighbors have suggested the feature you are asking about.

I still find it odd that this scheduling is not available on the camera app. It seems the default response by Ring moderators here when folks ask these questions is to deflect and request it on the Feature Board but really what I think folks here want to hear back in response to questions like this is a simple answer.

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Hi @trail-explorer. If a feature does not exist, we urge neighbors to add it or create a feature request. This allows us to show a quantifiable interest in a specific feature. This is how we can get stakeholders involved in decision-making to see the value in adding a specific request and putting it on the product roadmap. Adding this to the feature request board isn’t a guarantee that this request will happen, but many changes to the Ring app and Ring products have started from the feature request board.

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Thanks Tom. Yes, I know about the Feature Request forum but what I was really asking is when folks ask about something, why can’t moderators provide a simple answer as to why something doesn’t exist in the first place. For instance, the alarm has Scheduling features for arm/disarm so why don’t the cameras have that? Is it a firmware issue? Hardware issue? What? Or, maybe reply “engineering is actually working on this upgrade now or has it on their agenda”. Why not give users an indication as to what you may or may not know about their question in the first place? Perhaps moderators don’t know any more about these things than users do but if you do, can you please share what you do know? Then users can proceed to putting in on the Feature Request forum with that knowledge in hand.

This feature has been available for Ring Alarm for two years but not for regular cams. Are there any plans to get this rolled out to your other customers? It really feels like those of us who don’t own a Ring Alarm are being treated like second-class citizens here. I would appreciate the ability to use a mode schedule feature but I guess there are no plans to ever add that to the app? Why not? It’s been TWO YEARS.

I’m seriously considering whether I want to continue using Ring as my security camera system. You guys take forever with new features and it seems like you want to use the lack of availability as a way to get people to buy more hardware they don’t need. Not cool.

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This is great and all. But folks lives something changes. Having something like using you phone as a presense sensor and then knowing that all the phones are out of the house and then the Alarm Arms itself is a WAY better sell then to scheduling stuff. Now I have to remember to change it during the holidays when I have family over. of Hey the app knows when I have left the house how about the app sends me a actionable notification asking to arm or disarm the system. I like this feature request to be adding. I can now order a pizza on Apple CarPlay when can’t I arm or disarm my system…OH what be also nice is if I can pull up my camera on my screen via Apple CarPlay / Android Auto also. Making automations work is better if it set and forget it. Let things happen without you thinking about it.

This is how I do my own home automations and works very well PLUS high approval from the wife also. think about this.