Feature Update: Schedule your Ring Alarm to Arm and Disarm Automatically

No, a better place for a suggestion is here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community).
You might look there to see if anyone else has already made a suggestion similar to yours and vote on there’s.

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Hi, I tried this feature but it failed. I manually armed the system before I go to sleep and scheduled it to be disarmed right before I wake up early in the morning at 04:45 am but it keeps disarming at 23:45 at night.

Hope this can be fixed

“Slow roll out” eh? I’ve been waiting for this feature since I purchased my ring products. Any updates? Haven’t seen many, if any, software improvements from Ring.

Hi @RapidCity. What version of the Ring app do you have installed? This feature should have made its way to all users by now. This Help Center article here will have more information on Mode Scheduling.

When will the Mode Schedule capability be available? Under Settings I just have Modes with no Mode Schedule option??

Got the latest app installed? I’ve had the feature for months now.

The version is 5.47.0