Feature Update: Customizable Motion Zones for Battery Devices

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I totally agree. At first I could adjust the motion zones to include my whole camera view. I have tried many times different ways and still can’t get it to capture what I want. If I disable motion zones I can see my driveway and vehicles but it only captures movement when people are 3-4ft from the camera. If motion zones are on it shows a very small area that records. I’m so frustrated with this. Anyone have suggestions? Help please.

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When I first bought my ring outdoor, I was able to set the zone perfectly. I have a super dark area outside my bedroom window (that my apartment complex refuses to light). It was great, I felt safe. Now all of a sudden I am unable to select this area because it is in the “upper 20%” which essentially renders my product useless to me. What can I do to fix this? It is very frustrating and dissappointing.

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I really wish you guys would stop messing with the features when they work well. My motion zones are gone and now it doesn’t even cover the side door of my house or my car next to it in the driveway. Then the front camera keeps picking up cars driving by alerting me constantly… But if I change the motion detection, it doesn’t even pick up the mail lady walking on to my porch. Come on. I bought my mom $27 cameras for her house and they work amazing, no fees, and can recording and store the videos for free in a sd card. I have $600 in Ring products and today only saw the back of two men running away from my front door once they got to the road and it quickly ended. No clue who they were out why they were at my door. You guys have to step it up for these costs … cameras are much better than they were even 2 years ago and much cheaper. I don’t think I’ll be renewing and definitely won’t be buying more products.