Feature Update: Customizable Motion Zones for Battery Devices

since this update of reduced motion zone compared to camera view is SO bad, I would think it would be a priority for an updated. if nothing soon, will be shopping for a better camera system w/better interface.

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Can a Ring admin give an indication on if this is on their radar to fix and and if it is an ETA for a fix?

It’s a major issue so I’m surprised it has been open for so long. For me if it’s not fixed soon I’ll be looking to move provider because as it currently stands it’s impacting my ability to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of my car. Because of the issue half of my car cannot be within the motion zone. To be perfectly frank it’s pathetic by Ring and I feel it’s such an issue that they’re miss-selling the product’s ability.


Motion zones are good but what’s the point of you can’t customise alerts based on zones eg zone path send alerts for person street zone don’t send alerts for person but still record.

I don’t like the update at all before all this my camera use to cover all my patio now the motion only covers half of my patio the reason for that camera on the patio is to protect my shed we’re I have all my tools o got the cameras the alarm and all base on advertisement you guys did if I would’ve known this from the beginning and the cameras did not cover when I need it, I wouldn’t return it to the store and have never spent all that money . In a way this is a fraud . If I can fix this I will go with diferent service and try to Get my money back because it’s not fair . I’m paying for a service that can’t protect my property . And all this happen after your updates .

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So when creating zones can you select different notification types for each zone. Example. I have a Solar Camera in my back yard. I have one zone set up from the top of my fence to my home which I want to record and receive notifications if a person is in that zone. I also have a zone set up on the other side of the fence where there is an access road. I want to record that zone but don’t need the notification. I this is possible I’d like to know how because I don’t see it anywhere.

There is not a way to set unique settings per motion zone at this time, however, you can add your vote on this request on our Feature Request board below. :slight_smile:
Ability to set notification preference per zone

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I have set up a Motion Zone for my Video Doorbell 4. It excludes the 40’ wide street in front of my house about 40’ from the Doorbell, the 6’ tree lawn between the street and sidewalk, and most of the 5’ wide sidewalk (image on request). Yet, passing cars still trigger a warning and recording. That makes the notifications useless since we have begun to simply ignore them. What else should I try? Thank you!

Hi @Dan_in_St_Louis. Do you have any steps or an incline leading up to your front door where the Doorbell is installed? If so, this might be impacting the Doorbell’s motion detection, as the street will be more center in the Doorbell’s field of view. You can use a Wedge Kit to angle your Doorbell’s view down by 5° or 10°, as it comes with 2 stackable wedges. This can help reduce the number of motion notifications you receive for activity in the street.

I will try to attach a clip showing what the camera sees, and where my “motion zone” is.

@Dan_in_St_Louis Thanks for sharing that screenshot. It looks like there are some steps leading up to your front door. Are you already using a Wedge Kit in your Doorbell’s installation? If not, I’d recommend trying one as it will adjust your Doorbell’s view so the street isn’t right in the center. This should help reduce the number of motion events you’re receiving from activity in the street. :slight_smile:

Yes, there are steps. The heads of people on the porch are already cut off when they reach the porch, if I add the wedge to lower the field of view they will be cut off even earlier.

Am I understanding that motion detection is not excluded outside of the “Motion Zone”?

Thank you.

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Yes, but why? I thought only motion inside the “Motion Zone” was detected. Otherwise, what is it for?

you completely missed the reason for their concern. theyre saying before they had the fullscreen view for motion now with this update it cut off a huge chunk. This is not okay we buy cameras to watch areas for a reason.


I have my camera in my chicken coop and i have it placed where it catched the coop door (bottom of screen) and my nesting boxes (top of my screen) but when i tried to set up my motion zones the top of my camera view (my nesting boxes) is completely cut off. this defeats the purpose for getting the camera. I bought it so I could make sure the coop door opens and closes and to catch when my chickens lay an egg in their nesting box. is the cut off issue only on solar and battery operated cameras? if so ill return my solar one and get the cheaper plug in camera.

Any tips if the motion zone feature doesn’t actually work? I continue to get recordings every few minutes from the area I have REMOVED from the motion zone (ie - the area that is not blue).

I am very upset to discover that my ring cams have limited customizable motion zones. I need to be able to select from the full area of live view. Ring has intentionally broken useful camera performance. I have 8 Ring cams and have to replace them with another brand that can detect motion in all of live view.


Not only are the revised, shrunken motion detection areas rendering the cameras virtually useless, the fact that any motion detection is also not picked up until at/near the camera centreline (as mentioned by a previous poster) makes the entire setup a joke. We buy these devices for 2 reasons: camera field of view and motion detection within that field of view. If hard-wired cameras provide virtually full field motion detection capability there is no reason why the same cannot be applied to battery-powered cameras. This failing is being driven by a failure of software engineering.

Come on Ring - sort it out and leave us users to decide how large we wish our motion detection zones to be.

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I have never been able to get these zones to work. I draw them, but Ring always ignores them and sends me a notification about once every 10 seconds, whenever a car drives down the street. Every few months I tinker and try again, but… nope.

One problem I’ve consistently noticed everytime with these custom zones, is when you go to edit them, it always says “updating snapshot” and never updates. You can still edit the zone, but the view is never updated. I’ve called Ring and they can’t solve it.

Just noticed (on all of my Stick Up cams) that Motion detection zones have been reduced in size and no longer match live view. Looking at previous posts from people reporting the same issue, it appears that there are people on this forum who ‘represent’ Ring that say this is an ‘Intended’ feature. What absolute NONSENSE. Its clear to me that Ring have introduced a ‘change’ as this WAS NOT the case when I first purchased and installed the cameras. Ring seem happy to allow community members to continually report the issue and then choose to do simply nothing about it (other than ignore the complaints and then wait for 30 days of inactivity before closing the post). absolutely disgraceful way to treat people that have purchased a Ring product. Please resolve.

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