Feature Suggestions

It would be useful to have a warning that the alarm has been tripped before the actual alarm goes off and it would also be useful to have a way of knowing if the alarm is set without having to look at the app. My previous alarm system had both of these features.

This system gave off a fast beep so you would know the alarm had been tripped if for example you opened a door and had forgotten to disarm the system. You then had enough time to disarm before the actual alarm kicked-in.

In addition, this system had an indicator on the keypad letting you know the system status so you did not have to look at the app to know whether or not the system is armed. Not everyone who enters and exits our house has the app. With the ADT system there is no way for them to know whether or not the system is armed,

These features are designed to prevent accidently tripping the alarm. It never occurred to me that they would not be included in the ADT system. Adding these features would be a big plus.

Hi @richardnjoan. This is the Ring Community forum, so we cannot field any feedback on ADT devices or systems. If you do have a Ring Alarm system, there is an Entry and Exit Delay so you have time to leave the house after arming the system or to disarm the system after arriving home. You also have a few options for how the lights on your Keypad function, which you can read about here. If your Keypad is plugged in, you can use the Keep Mode Button Lit option to have the LED lights stay on at all times.