Feature Request for schedule mode -- Faulty sensor should not bypass automatically

Currently faulty sensor are automatically bypassed in the schedule mode. Is it possible to provide an additional toggle in the app to sound the alarm or not , while creating the schedule.

It would help in the case where door is left open unintentionally. And schedule kicks in late night when you are asleep.

Or a solution would be someone walks around your house checking doors and windows before they go to bed to make sure everything is closed up before the alarm turns on by your schedule.
Afterall the alarm system can’t know the intent or reason why a door or window was left open by you.

Fair enough. But consider this you have a multi storey house with multiple enterence and independent staircases. So it might be possible something might be left open
This type of house setup are available outside US.

So this feature can provide an optional fallback option…

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