Feature request: Adding "schedule" for "Motion-Activated Lights"

OK I want to share a use case. For our backyard, sometimes it can be very windy and our Motion-activated Ring Floodlight would just keep turning on and off, even when I adjusted the sensitivity of the motion sensor to the lowest. I drilled down and found that there is a “Motion-Activated Lights” setting, but it does NOT have a “schedule” setting for the motion-sensor. It would be super nice to be able to say, I can schedule the “Motion-Activated Lights” sensor to be turned on between 1am to 6am every day. Thanks!

Note that this is NOT the same with the “Light Schedules” which I believe is controlling when the light will be turned on etc.

Thanks for considering this new feature!

You should be able to do this with an Alexa routine. I use them with my ring alarm motion sensors to turn on/off my house lights between 8pm and midnight.

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Hey neighbors. Be sure to read about our new Light Schedule Feature in this Community post here. If you don’t see this feature, be sure that your Ring app is up to date. Let me know how this feature works for you!