Feature Questions

I am looking at replacing my existing alarm with the Ring Alarm. I have a few questions I can’t find the answer to on the forum.
My set up is quite a big house (4 bed) and two outbuildings. One is circa. 30m from the house and has an office with ethernet and its own wifi hotspot (on the same network as the main house different router) and the other is more like 80m away and I can get wifi or ethernet to it if I need to.
So my questions are as follows:-

  • Can you definitely have more than one external alarm sounder?
  • Do the range extenders daisy chain or must they each be in range of the hub?
  • Do the devices daisy chain or must they connect to a hub or a range extender?
  • If the outbuildings are out of range or do not have a reliable connection can you connect them up via wifi / ethernet? I would want a motion sensor and door contact at each. Can they connect to wifi and then find the hub on the network? Does it matter if it is a different wifi router but on the same network? Or do they have to be in range of the hub or a range extender?
  • I have to have a smoke alarm on the system for a boiler in one of the outbuildings. Can I add anything to the ring system that can do this? There is a Ring smoke alarm listener and some 3rd party devices that work with Ring but they don’t seem to be widely available. If only on sale in the US would they work with a UK instillation?
    Many thanks in advance for any advice